Our International Law Firm believes that clients' success determines our own.
So we ensure both by collaborating with our clients to achieve their goals.


The international vocation of the firm assured him a development in more than 10 countries in 2 years.


Our approach is to reconcile the analysis and processing of files in the socio-economic conditions of our clients's countries.


Our planning is how to create a global network for the satisfaction of our customers.


We design combining expertise, analysis and diligence


WAC PARTNERS is a commercial law firm based in Bamako, the capital city of Mali in West Africa and is independently ranked as a leading law firm in the ECOWAS region. We have grown from our litigation origins to become a thriving and dynamic practice, providing a comprehensive range of legal services to meet the needs of a wide variety of business, individuals and organizations based through the Mali and abroad.
The firm offers its clients the best services in its areas of competence. Human resources that drive accounting are successful experiences in management, legal engineering.

The firm combines the analysis and processing of files with the understanding of socio-economic context in which it operates. This explains the international vocation of the firm in which the actors have perfect knowledge of the economic and socio-cultural developing countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.
The strong presence of the firm in research and consultancy in the areas of governance and sustainable development, and its great mission of academic research give him no doubt a high added value.
It ensures the development of relevant legal issues on environmental and legal areas of governance.
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We are a leading Malian litigation practice, providing clients with a sure-footed approach in relation to all types of disputes. We understand that most clients, whether commercial or private, would prefer to resolve a dispute without resorting to litigation, and at minimum expense. With this in mind, and with an in-depth knowledge of litigation practice and the increasingly complex area of alternative dispute resolution, we are able to put clients in the best position to make informed decisions to bring about resolution of even the most complex situations. Our litigation practice is built on a framework of specialists who combine solid general contentious skills with expertise in specific areas.
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WAC PARTNERS Internship or Pupil program gives opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience in the team’s practice areas. At WAC PARTNERS Internship and Pupilage are assigned to senior Lawyer who practices as a mentor. The designed mentor provides the needed guidance and assistance to the intern & pupil.
WAC PARTNERS advises on Political activities including political communication, strategy, opposition researches, campaign management and voter polling.
WAC PARTNERS have skilled & knowledge practice in the agriculture and food industry. Our Lawyers advise, assist individuals Clients, Charities & non profit actors in the national context.



  • MALI (siège CDEAO),
    Badalabougou-Est, 4704 rue 22 Impasse du fleuve, Bamako

  • Telephone: +(223) 76 67 37 06 / 20 22 18 90
  • B.P. 2652 Bamako, Mali
  • E-mail: contact-afrique@wac-partners.com

    Immeuble Zeidan Almamya, Conakry

  • E-mail: contact-conakry@wac-partners.com

  • République Démocratique du Congo (RDC),
    3642, Boulevard du 30 juin, Futur Tower, Local 504 Kinshasa – Gombe

  • E-mail: contact-kinshasa@wac-partners.com

  • TCHAD,
    Immeuble ORABANK
    Quartier Djambal BAHR, N’Djaména

  • E-mail: contact-djamena@wac-partners.com


    25, rue Cino Del Duca 75017, Paris

  • Tel: +44 30 47373795
  • E-mail: contact-paris@wac-partners.com
    Me Abdoulaye OUANE Avenue Louise 149/24 1050, Bruxelles.

  • E-mail: contact-bruxelles@wac-partners.com
  • RUSSIE (siège Fédération de Russie)
    C/o MCS Business Center Gulliver 2 Office 819, Torfyanayadoroga 7-f Saint Petersburg, Russia 197374

  • E-mail: contact-saintpetersburg@wac-partners.com